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: Catestrophic Symptoms (323is - 1998)

01-20-2006, 04:36 PM
I am the second owner on a 1998 323is that now how approximately 90k miles on it (40 of which I logged). Prior to my ownership the car was dealer maintained. Since my ownership, mechanical work has been performed by a very competent German car specialist.

Recent service (within less than 500 miles):
-front rotors and pads,
-fuel filter,
-oil change (BMW synthetic 5/30) and filter.

Recent history:
car performed flawlessly although gas mileage has somewhat deterioriated (blame it on cold northern temps, oxygenated fuel, and short run time)

drove car less than 2 miles to destination without incodent. Attempted to start car at end of workday and immediately stalled. Second attempt to start resulted in starter engaging, engine components rotating with symptom of low compression (did not sound quite right). Left car sit for several minutes assuming possible carbon buildup or excessive raw fuel. Tried one or two more times and engine fired but would not continue to run or idle without foot on throttle pedal.

Next...attempted to "nurse" vehicle home (less than 2 miles...mostly down hill). Transmission now begins to shift harshly (almost violently) throghout RPM range. Dashboard icon now illuminated (orange circular icon resembling a cogged wheel with an ! in its center).

Is anyone able to comment on these potentially catestrophic symptoms and how it is possible that a starting problem could evolve to one involving the transmission/driveline?

Thanks in advance....concerned/puzzled.