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: E36 M3 Question

01-23-2006, 10:39 PM
Back in 2002 I was forced to turn in the Keys to my leased 99 Estoril Blue M3. Awesome vehicle. I wanted to purchase it after the lease, but family financial situation at the time did not warrant it. Been driving Honda's ever since. Recently purchased a 330i W/ nav for the wife, and really miss driving German. Which puts me to ask the following question.

As my current ride is slowly dying (Honda's don't really die, they are just constantly dying little by little). I've been looking on Ebay / local papers for some time for another E36 M, but this time a convertible. As I have had no expenerince with the drop top M's I wanted to get some opinions on the main driving / ownership issues that are association with them. I have heard that the extra weight of the top makes a huge performance difference.

Also, given the age of the E36's at this point, would I be safer buying a more recent 330cic? Do M's start to get expensive as they get up there mileage? Any input is appreciated.

01-24-2006, 10:16 AM
Lots of factors, where do you live? I had a vert in SC, you could really use it for 9 months of the year and was worth it. I wouldn't want one in MD. Either way, the performance of the vert is slightly less than the coupe. If you really want a vert, get the E46 330 or 325, you won't be missing anything. If it doesn't matter, then the E36 M3 is far better to drive than an E46, maybe including the M3. No matter what you do ask to see any records. If they are in anyway car people, thaey will have stacks of records and reciepts. And you can tell if a car has been really well taken care of. A per purch insp would be a must.

01-25-2006, 10:12 PM
Structural rigidity will be severly compromised in a convertible. This may not matter much if you're just using it to scoot around town. The E36 M3 was meant to be driven, and it seems like a waste getting a car with that purpose in drop top form.

Thats just my opinion... I can't say I'm not jealous when I see people cruising with their tops down on an 85degree night here in Southern California.