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Noise after upgrade?!

02-16-2006, 05:32 PM
Hi all,

My name is Christian Saponara and reside on the Island of Aruba.
I have a 2004 330cic with SMG, sports with an M all around body kit - this is how I've ordered the baby from the BMW dealer here in Aruba.
About 3 weeks ago I have upgraded all four braking systems with the BREMBO Gran Turismo/ drilled rotors/ Red calipers and added HRE wheels in 19" (my wife wanted to kill me for all the $$$ spent but this baby will never be driven by some one else as I will never put it up for sale - serious I mean NEVER!!).

Now here's my questions: I've cut the plate in the front completely (the one that keeps "air" flowing between the original rotors) and I have also cut the plates in the back (rear) but not fully as I had to deal with the "hand" brake. (This car has no PARK as an option!).

The rear Fenders were NOT rolled but were partially grained on the inside as the rubber that is deep inside the fender was very very hard stock into that area and I wanted to wait prior of taking that step & see if I would be able to get rid of noise which I have not been able to accomplish.

Now, I know that I have to literely take out that piece of rubber deep inside the fender as I'm forced to roll the fenders (outer part) as the lip of the rear fenders is touching the sides of the rear tires (almost at half ways where the letters, brand, size etc etc. is written) when I'm flying on the road (we have no speed limits here, well actually we have but we can still fly as the cops are maybe only once or twise a year checking on people braking the trafic rules) and also when I take a turn on very high speeds the tires get in touch with the lip of the rear fenders.

The noise I refer to is when I'm walking the car or right after taking a turn at very slow speed and when I start going faster the noise goes away - if any of you have any idea or have experienced something similar can you pls be so kind and reply with your expertise at your earliest convenience.............??! Thank you all a million in advance!

Warm regards,

Chris Saponara.

ps.: Excuse my long writting - it's my first time + wanted to be specific.