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: Bluetooth Question

02-18-2006, 12:04 PM
Ok...took my car into the dealership today because of a problem with the bluetooth system. System works great while phone is clipped on my belt or is sitting under the cup holders. When I snap my phone (Motorola V600) into the charging/bluetooth cradle that itself is snapped into the "eject box" the phone's reception bars go from full signal (6 bars) to 2 bars and the sound becomes "crackly".

The dealership tested every part of the phone/bluetooth system (or at least said they did) and determined that the "ariel antenna" must have been bad. After waiting a week for the part and spending another entire day away from my baby, the dealership said that after replacing the "ariel antenna" the condition only slightly improved.

The service advisor said that they want to have a BMW Engineer come to the dealership to look over/inspect/test the vehicle.

A few questions:
1. Who are these BMW Engineers? Are they specially trained mechanics? Do they travel from dealership to dealership?

2. Has anyone else with that charging cradle in the armrest had a similar problem with the reception quality decreasing upon snapping the phone in? Or does anyone's reception stay the same or even get better (like it is supposed to)?

Thanks again for your help!