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: Introduction

Steve D
10-10-2002, 05:52 AM
I have just joined this board and wanted to introduce myself. I have a 2000 540/6sp, cosmos black with CAI, 3.15 diff, UUC SS/WSR, UUC clutch stop, clear lights all around, BMW front spoiler, M5 grilles and 35% tint.

Here is a photo of my 540:

My next mods are exhaust and DME program upgrade. This is my first BMW. I am into classic cars and radios and have restored my 1938 Buick 40-41 and my 1965 Mustang coupe. I have 8 radios from the 30's that I restored, three consoles and 5 table top models.

I am from NY and now live in NJ. I have frequented the, PlanetBMW and Yahoo BMWE39 groups (and sometimes even Jimmy's board!) for the last 2-3 years and just found out about this forum.

Hope to share 5 series experiences in the future.

Steve D

10-10-2002, 09:47 AM

Welcome :) , but don't get too excited. This is a great forum, but the 5-series board is a little slow. There doesn't seem to be too much activity here. There's plenty in the 3-Series board...

I don't drive anything at the moment, except golf balls into woods. I have an old Nissan on life support. I'm keeping it alive with milk toast and vitamin supplements until I take Euro Delivery of my 2003 530i in May (217 days, but who's counting).

Your car sounds like a nice ride. I drooled over the 540 for a good long while, but just couldn't make the math work. It's funny, it kept pricing out at more than my house. Made it tough to sell the idea to my wife.

Cheers - Sam

10-10-2002, 11:14 AM
And, especially welcome to a 2000 540-6 owner!

Knee is right, it's pretty slow in here, but there can be some great help if you just ask for it. You will also find that this place is a lot like the Yahoo E39 forum in that it is a kinder place to hang your hat for awhile.

Of course, there WILL be flames, but that's to be expected. Enjoy your time here and keep coming back!