: 2006 Bmw 750i Windshield /dash Rattle

03-07-2006, 11:02 PM
have a 750 that was purchased in May 2005, at 12k , I started having a windshield cracking noise. It came from the drivers side and occasionaly from the passenger side.
I took it in and was without a car for a week. The dealer returned it only to have the noise appear less conspicious a day later.
They then replaced the seals again, 2 days later the noise became worse.
I just had the windshield replaced and the noise has actually become worse.
Its a nightmare!
Any word on the fix if any. It is torture driving this 80k car that sounds like a jalopy


03-08-2006, 06:25 PM
I had my seals replaced and the problem went away, perhaps you shold talk to the shop foreman. I took my car to a 2nd dealership and talked to the foreman there, and he told me that BMW had a bulletin about the problem.
It appears that when the temperature is below 65 F there is too big of a gap and the windows vibrates, the problem is most likely because the windshield is designed wrong, a tiny little bit too small, it is possible that in your car the gap is a little bigger and thus the problem is magnified.
I understand the problem and either way it sould not take 1 week to fix.... I say change dealers.