: FS: S54 Euro Cats NEW CHEAP $1800 OBO

03-09-2006, 03:19 PM
Bought them as a package. I am keeping the headers. Cats retail at turner motorsport ON SALE for $3355 for headers and cats. I keep headers, approximately worth a grand. So we have cats worth approximately $2300 or so. Selling them for $1800 or best offer over $1500. I need to move them in the next 2 weeks. If you pay the $1800, I will throw in shipping.

They bolt right up (assuming you have aftermarket or Euro headers) and will keep you emissions legal in cali and everywhere else that sniffs.

Here are the details.

These cats are brand new from BMW. They are 200 cpi instead of 400 CPI like your car has now. Simple bolt up, no computer chip mods needed.

This is what turner says about them:

BMW changed two obvious things on the Euro E46M3 when they brought the car to the USA - They added the yellow reflectors to the front bumper and they changed the location of the catalyst in relation to the motor. For the USA BMW moved the catalyst very close to the head, in the exhaust manifold. It was put there to heat it up faster for better cold start emissions. The detriment of this change is that it causes a loss of almost 11 HP at 7,700 rpm and 17 lb/ft torque at around 4000 rpm. Well, we have a way of getting that HP back. Installing the Euro header and catalyst is a direct bolt on way to increase horsepower and torque. These factory original parts bolt on to the USA/Canada car and are supplied with all the necessary gaskets - even copper manifold nuts ! (You will need to lengthen the wires on your existing oxygen sensors) A Specially Tuned Software (Shark Injector) for this kit is available to maximize drivability and power - we highly suggest this. What you will notice is a "night and day" difference in the power band - the motor is smoother, the car accelerates faster and some of the "rasp" of the stock exhaust is gone-although there is only a 11hp gain by installing this system the 17lb/ft of torque increase at low rpm makes a huge difference. This is a GREAT first modification for your M3; it uses factory designed parts and does not cause reliability issues. Please note that this modification is sold for off road / race use only even though it may still pass emissions. Also available for the S54 M Coupe and Roadster!

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