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: Traction control, brake&abs lights

03-14-2006, 08:44 PM
hi all,

First of all, I had a problem with my traction control light on, so I took it back and wanted to get it fixed. They took like 2 weeks, which is ridiculous and when I picked it up, the light was still on!!! On the lot, they told me, i will need to drive it for a week and the light will turn off itself. Anybody heard of such things?

Second issue. When I gave my car to them, traction control light was the only light on. When I picked it up, the "Brake" light and "ABS" light were both on as well. They said it's related to the Traction control and it will go off as well. At this point, i'm serioiusly thinking they messed soemthing else up. The problem is when I got home? The two lights went off. But after an hour or two, i decided to go out again, they came back on again.

I read the manual, and it mentioned that my brake fluid might be low, so I checked on it, it's full.

Any comments or similar expereinces is greatly appreicated it. Thanks.

03-15-2006, 03:37 PM
okay, found the exact same problem with a 540i.

Can anybody confirm that it's in fact the speed sensor in the rear wheel? I want to take it back to the dealer and make sure they don't bs some more to me. Thanks.