: cooling system replacement?

05-03-2006, 05:19 PM
i think i would get a better response in here:)

So I figured its about time to get my 325i (01) a nice little tune up. The car has about 75k miles on it and I have already replaced the Alt. But I'm trying to do some preventive maintenance to hopefully save me a fortune in repairs. I'm looking to replace the cooling system. Ive found a local shop here in san diego that would do a replacement on the following:
water pump
belt torsioner
These parts will be replaced with metal parts as I am told they are plastic, probably except for the radiator and parts of the water pump. Ive been quoted roughly about $1100 labor/parts. Does this sound like a pretty good deal overall? If not, can anyone else recommend a good mechanic that charges fair prices on maintenance?

Also, can anyone comment on spark plug replacements? looks fairly easy to do....thanks.