View Full Version : Renovo convertible top restoration

06-17-2006, 07:00 AM
I used all of the 3 stage Renovo clean/recolor/waterproof products on our 1995 325i vert with black cloth top.

I'd rate it well worth the $60. It takes some time and it can be slightly messy, but the top now looks really good.

I'd say the Renovo is at least a 4 star product.

Renovo said to use 2 " brushes to apply.

I would use the following:

A lint brush to get the top extra clean before and after the cleaning stage.

If I did it again, I would rinse thoroughly 3 times and scrub gently the top to remove the cleaner.

2" brushes are fine, but short and medium stiffness bristles might work better. especially when applying the watery 2nd stage color.

A foam brush might help to apply the the dye and waterproofing to the edges of the top.

Also a few rags came in handy to wipe off any product that splashes.

Taking the time to mask of the glash and paint with blue painter's tape and newspaper would be worthwhile.