07-04-2006, 05:28 PM
"EMPEROR" presents the next bay area meet. one of many meets to come.

when - July 22nd - Saturday at 9 am sharp

we will meet at the parking lot at 9 am and leave at around 10 am and take the back roads to Santa Cruz. this is a cruise not an aggressive drive donuts and orange juice will be provided courtesy of "EMPEROR" but you will have to cover your own lunch. More info on the day of the meet. details below. lets make this the biggest meet of the year so far.

please bring your two-way radio.

let start a head count below.

please be patient and drive in line!!!

where to meet - the parking lot in front of Barnes & Noble Address - 5353 Almaden Expy San Jose, CA 95118

The easiest way to get there is southbound on 85, coming from Hwy 17. For folks coming down from the East Bay and Pleasanton, take 880 or 680 and transition on to 17, then take 85 south from the 17/85 junction. Folks coming from the penninsula, take 280S to 17, then to 85S.

the drive:

We will be leaving for the drive at around 10 AM. We first head down Almaden to McKean, where we pick up Uvas, and swing past the Calero Resevoir:

From there we continue down Uvas Cyn Rd through farmland, vinyards, and beautiful scenery:

After passing Uvas Resevior, we turn right on to Watsonville Rd, where we shortly will make our rest stop at Chitactac-Adams County Park

There there are bathrooms, picnic tables, and some cool Indian historical stuff. Bring some liquid and a snack for the stop. We can stay here longer if people are really interested, but I'm figuring about 15-20 minutes.

From there we continue on to 152; Right on 152 and we have a nice twisty drive through the redwoods up over Hecker Pass, then a spectacular view of the Monterey Bay as we descend down to Corralitos and on to Hwy 1 and Santa Cruz and on to the pier by the boardwalk.

In SC, we're going over to the Warf for lunch. I have a place in mind right at the end of the boardwalk where the road on to the pier starts, but can't remember the name at the moment, so I'll post a followup tomorrow after I've been down there to check it out. If anyone else has some place they'd really like to go, speak up! Otherwise, I'll pick the spot.

We should be arriving in SC for lunch around 12:30-1pm. Expect lunch to take another 60-90 minutes, thereabouts. From there, the way home is back over 17.

we will heading back via Hwy 1 and Hwy 17.

the drive info was assited by: RKT BMR from Norcal BMW. thanxxx!

lets go round up all the Bimmers and lets head out!!!!

1. emperor