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: Black Trim, White Marks - Hide/Clear Coat Scratches? - Brake Dust and Kleen Wheels

07-12-2006, 05:48 PM
This is the first thread ever I am posting here, and after all I have already seen and read I hope that you guys can give me some new input. I don’t think anything I am asking has been content of past threads in the exact same way, so I am really excited to hear your responses. Actually, it is a 3-in-1 thread. I recently bought a Certified pre-owned 2004 BMW X5 from a dealership. As much as I love the vehicle, a few weeks later I found out that the previous owner did obviously not pay that much attention to the condition of the vehicle as I would have liked :cry: (and I do myself). I know that I am kind of particulate about my vehicles (so what, these are BMWs), but it’s just bothering me. Here are my questions:

1. I observed some kind of slight white marks on the black trim of the X5, all around the vehicle. But this does not seem to be some wax residue, to me it looks more like marks which come from water/soap/shampoo/whatever kind of chemical cleaner maybe rinsing down the vehicle, maybe after washing/detailing the car…? Certainly more than marks from hard water only, because it can not be removed by washing, shampooing or even peanut-buttering (have read that in a lot of threads and tried it) the car. Short-time solutions like Back-to-Black only help until the next rain. Forever Black helps on a little test area, but I am afraid to see streaking if I do that all over the trim, even with a lot a patience. The best thing so far seems to be the product “Tiefenreiniger”, but even this seems to have only an extended temporary effect. You do not see these slight white areas at the first glance, but the second only – still bothers me. Any idea what it could be? :dunno: Car is only 2 years old, so it should not be normal aging – and again, it looks like it was rinsing down like water and then left the white marks…

2. I noticed scratches on one side of the car which look like the previous owner came to close to some scratchy, hard bushes or so. :bawling: Did not actually see it when I bought the car, I guess it was kind of “touched up” with wax . After a little while it became very easy to see (color of the car is sterlinggray met.), especially in the sunshine, once the initial wax stripped of in the rain. Waxing it again, either with P21S Carnauba wax or putting a few layers of Klasse HGSG on it, definitely helps. :p I would not bother if it always looked like that, but then again – it is only a temporary touch up and needs to be renewed every now and then to mask it halfway. Scratch removers like Scratch-X or even nano based scratch removers don’t help, since the scratches are too deep for that kind of improvement, these are no swirls or so. My question is: Does anybody have an experience if a car bodyshop can put slight layer of clear coat on these areas, then buff off the area from residual/to much clear coat so that eventually you do not see the “clear coat method” anymore? You might still be able to see some rest of the scratches underneath the clear, I know, but that would be good enough for me, since then it would look like “Klasse sealed”, but permanent… Any ideas or input? :eek:

3. Obviously the previous owner hated BMW rims – or at least cleaning them. :mad: They were heavily soiled and had a lot of baked-on brake dust, even in some larger areas. The best stuff I finally used for cleaning that mess up was P21S Gel (Heavy Duty). It works wonders, does not damage the paint on your rims, and I can only recommend it to everybody, although there are these little hard black spots which you can never get rid of again, once the dust is too heavily baked in. Then using Klasse AIO and topping it off with 2 layers of Klasse HGSG works great, attracts less dust and allows future cleaning just with water. :thumbup: The brake dust, especially on the front wheels (bigger brakes, of course) makes it still look horrible after just a short while. (Never seem to have that same extend of brake dust on the rims of my Z3, though.) I do not want to go to lower dust brake pads, because usually you also pay for that with some decreased brake performance (safety!), therefore this is not an option for me. Here comes the question: You may have heard of “Kleen Wheels”, some black covers which you put right between the the brakes and the outer portion of the rim. (Wheel off, cover on, wheel back on, ready). Experts say, it helps a lot against brake dust, no overheating problems, since the covers even pust air towards the brakes and the rotors, so really safe, and for OE BMW wheels, e.g. at “Bavarian Autosport”. Does anybody have this system and can give me an idea how the car/the wheels looks like during daylight? Do you just replace “ugly with ugly” :tsk: (replace brake dust with a wheel cover like look since you are not able to see the brakes anymore) or does it help and still looks decent?

O.k., that was quite a bit of work – for me to write and for you to read as well, I guess. :D Sorry for my “G-english” (german-english); I am originally German, but live in the US now (love it!) and still can not give up BMWs. Thanks in advance for all your expert advice! I you have questions to me by replying to this thread, I will answer them, of course! Enjoy all your BMWs!!! :bigpimp: