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: First Zaino

07-19-2006, 01:50 PM
I just got my kit, and am wondering the average number of coats people are doing.. I am going to first be using this on our 04 Touareg to make sure it will work for our new baby coming in October.
I have some minor, fine, I'm guessing drying scratches in the paint on parts of the car. No major swirl marks.. I just clayed last week and put a coat of griot's best of show. I am planning on doing the Dawn wash but don't really want to re-clay nor do I think it is needed.
I have the entire kit with ZFX. I am planning on using z5 first to hide some of my scratches. Should I apply more than 1 coat of z5? I read somewhere to not exceed 3 coats, should that be 2 z5, 1 z2, or vise versa? or 2+2? This is a daily driver in hot TX sun, just want something more durable than the (zymol carbon, Griots BOS, 3M, Mothers, etc) stuff I have tried.

Your help will be greatly appreiated, thanks in advance..

P.S. Zaino customer support is closed today, guess for a car show..

07-19-2006, 03:54 PM
3 coats all told in 24 hours when using ZFX. If you got the new Z5pro odds are you'll only need one coat to hide your fine swirls (the new stuff is purple). If you have the old kind you may need two or even all three coats to hide them (the old Z5 didn't do a great job of hiding swirls). So I'd say if you got the new stuff go Z5/Z6/Z2/Z6/Z2. If you got the old stuff just keep applying Z5 until the scratches are hidden or you hit 3 coats; then some time in the future if you feel like it you can throw on a coat of Z2.

Regardless, either Z5 or Z2 should last 4-6 months relatively easily. If you have Z8 you can also use that after washes to extend the durabilty of your sealants.


07-19-2006, 06:36 PM
When I Zaino'd my M3 I did the following:

1. Wash with mixture of 90% Miguires Car Wash / 10% Dawn and terry-cloth sponge. (straight Dawn is hard on plastic). Left it wet & rolled it into the garage.
2. Clay-bar with Zaino wash mixture in spray bottle (per instructions).
3. Wash with Zaino car wash & lambs wool mitt.
4. Dry with micro-fiber towel.
5. Apply Zaino swirl remover - greenish stuff - with micro-fiber applicator.
6. Buff with micro-fiber concourse buffing towels.
7. Apply Zaino #2 with micro-fiber applicator.
8. Buff with micro-fiber concourse buffing towels.
9. Apply Zaino #5 with micro-fiber applicator.
10. Buff with micro-fiber concourse buffing towels.
11. Repeat steps 7 to 10 until I put on 3 coats of each.

Took all day. In-between drying I vacuumed the interior, cleaned the leather, wheels, etc. The next day I felt it. It's amazing stuff. I haven't washed my car in 3 weeks or so and it looks great.

08-03-2006, 06:32 PM
It took me about 4.5 hours start to finish on our 04 Touareg... He looks amazing!!! I started with Dawn wash and then Z5 once, and Z2 two more times... (I didn't clay due to doing it 2 weeks earlier) WOW!!! I mean it's like with Zymol carbon, Griots, 3M, etc it was just "almost black" now he is BLACK!! I just did the first post-wax wash 5 days ago and the water just slides off the paint, the bubbles can't even stick to the paint.. I also recommend applying it to your rims, it really helps that dust just slide off.. I still used some PS21 spray, but wow no elbow grease needed! Since the last wash I have just been dusting him off about every other day and he still looks amazing.. Bird-Bombs wipe off beautifully with a tiny squirt of Z-6 and a mf towell.. Will be doing our new baby when it shows up after our ED in October, as well as the other VW in the garage very soon.. :bigpimp: