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: Suggestions for a fresh start

07-29-2006, 02:07 PM
Hello all - new to the detailing area here. I just purchased a new Sparkling Graphite 330i (e90) via European Delivery. Now that the car is home, I want to overhaul my detailing process with a "real" process. Though I thought I was taking care of my old car well, after reading here and other places, I feel like I didn't do crap.

I am thinking of starting on the easy end. No offense but I am not looking to spend all of the time you guys do on detailing but I want to do it right. So, time to ditch my walmart car wash shampoo, turtle wax, crappy sponge and old chamois.

I have read washing tips here (and elsewhere):

and looked at their stuff. I have a birthday coming up and was thinking of just asking for one of their simple relatively inexpensive packages such as this:

or the cheaper one without the clay (and maybe purchase it seperately). And maybe this for interior:

Good idea? Bad idea? Of course, I read about Zaino, Klasse, and all of these other products. Right now, I am looking to keep it simple and it looks like the Menzerna One Step Acrylic Jacket may just be it. My friend tried Zaino and found it to be more work than he wanted and switched to Rejex.

So, basically, what would you do in my situation?

BTW: I am still considering going for a Porter-Cable 7424. I assume you would all recommend this?

Thanks all!

07-29-2006, 02:36 PM
I have same color on my E46. My revised process, after going the OCD route, is as follows:

- wash with regular car soap, dry. I usually do this on Friday evening and let it sit overnight in my garage so the additional water has a chance to drain out. I spend about 1.5 -2 hours before I embark on the polishing journey.

- clay. I bought a bunch of Clay Magic kits a while back for $9.99 each, plenty to do my car a couple of times. I spend 45 minutes or less doing the clay treatment, usually much less cuz it is a garage queen and doesn't need much attention.

- Klasse AIO with PC buffer and MF towels. First time will take longer until u figure it out, then u can make good time. I spend an hour or less doing this solo.

** optional, Klasse HGSG, one coat by hand - 30-40 minutes. For protection mostly, I found after 3 coats and 2 coats of P21S by hand, I didn't have more shine than without.

- P21S by hand. (30-40 minutes)

I then do P21S coats now and then to freshen it up or before I go to the track.

The prep work is what gives you a stunning result. Don't skip the clay treatment. If your finish is in good condition, only minor scratches, AIO will clean it up nicely. P21s will add depth and protection.

I use the S100 equivalent from any good motorcycle shop, half the price usually. So, figure you can spend about $80 on supplies (minus the PC buffer) and get a very professional result with minimal effort.

AIO goes a long way. I bought a 16oz bottle 3 years ago and have used it to do about 8 applications to cars, one to my F150, and I still have enough left to do my car a couple more times. I don't think I'll ever finish the HGSG bottle.

Everything in my arsenal of stuff is super easy to use except HGSG, until u figure it out. Less is more with this stuff and a mist of product on the applicator is all you use. Everyone who says it's hard to remove is putting on too much.

07-30-2006, 04:54 AM
Thanks very much for the reply. It helps. You say "regular car soap" for washing - do you have a preference. I have read lots of positive stuff about Klasse AIO and to a lesser extent HGSG. I was originally planning on going that route. But, from reading on properautocare and elsewhere, the Menzerna products have become popular of late - specifically FMJ. In Jan06 in their bare essentials kit, they replaced Klasse AIO with Menzerna.

" I just upgraded this kit in January of 2006 and switched from Klasse All-In-One to Menzerna's new, one-step, Acrylic Jacket. While I still feel All-In-One is an excellent, easy-to-use product, One-Step Acrylic Jacket is just as easy to use and puts a brighter, crisper shine on my one year old car."

At minimum, I am thinking of getting a decent car soap, nice mitt (seasponge, sheepskin, or MF sheepskin-like), Big Blue Towel (for drying), some kind of Claybar, AIO/Menzerna's One-Step, and a MF set of applicators and towels. I will probably get Rejex for wheel, windshield and tailpipes.


07-30-2006, 05:33 AM
Oh, and I when you say P21S, you mean the Carnauba Wax, right?

And what do you use the S100 equivalent for?

Edit: I did a little more reading and now understand. P21S refers to their well-regarded wax and S100 wax is the same as P21S wax but cheaper and sold at motorcycle shops.