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: BMW 3-Series Research Study in Southern California

08-10-2006, 11:39 AM
First off, I just want to tell everyone that this is not a spam or advertisement We are Research Design Specialists, an independent market research firm in Orange County envolved in many various Vehicle Research Studies for the past 16 years here in Southern California and around the nation.

We are seeking owners of Used BMW 325, 328, and 330 series, 1998 throuth 2006 model years to participate in a vehicle evaluation taking place in Westlake Village on Tuesday, August 22 through Thursday, August 24. Those who qualify will participate on just one of those days and it will take about 3 hours of your time. You will then receive an incentive $150 check (gift, untaxable) in return for your participation.

As with all our research studies, there won't be any attempt to sell you anything, either at the evalution or any time in the future. This is all being done strictly for research purposes.

We are only looking for the following models and model years listed above. Remember, your vehicle must be PURCHASED USED for you to qualify for this study. It will be required that you bring your qualifying vehicle (3-Series), current vehicle registration, and ID for you to participate. Limited appointments are available. Please call us at toll free (800) 736-7970 and ask for our Recruiting Department at Extentions 23, 27, or 38 to see if you qualify.

Best Regards to everyone here in the Forum.

Tony Lazaro
Senior Data Operations Manager
Research Design Specialists

08-18-2006, 07:31 PM
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