: Bay Area, CA detail shop for ED car?

08-10-2006, 04:35 PM
Hi all, redelivery is this weekend and would like to get it detailed by a pro-shop rather than the dealer since I've heard swirl mark horror stories.

Anyone have a recommendation? Would prefer south bay/peninsula. thanks!

08-11-2006, 02:21 PM
Thorpe Auto Detail
740 Camden Avenue, Unit D
Campbell, CA 95008-4135

(408) 370-3633

The shop is hard to find, it's old Camden or something, in a light industrial "land that time forgot" area full of independent auto shops and the like.

In '04 they did my car when I first got it - blk saph. I requested a loaner and they provided their PT Cruiser since it was going to take awhile. I asked for a "new car detail" at the recommendation of my brother-in-law who brings his Jet Black BMWs: E60 M5, 740 and previously E39 M5. He has gone to them for years.

I thought they did an excellent job and they are the ONLY detailer I have been 100% satisfied with. Since I live in the TriValley and no longer work in Silicon Valley, it has forced me to do some of my own work and try others' recommendations (not from bimmerfest) for local detailers in Pleasanton, etc., and I have been SORELY disappointed with all of them.

Thus far, Thorpe Detail is the only one I'd consider bringing my black car and Denali truck to. You can have them put you on a detail schedule - like every 6 mo if you want.

Good luck, hope that helps.