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: The New Mini - Evolution Of An Original

08-16-2006, 02:57 PM
<a href="" ><img src="" style="BORDER-COLOR: #000000;" align="left" hspace="7" vspace="7" /></a> THE NEW MINI. EVOLUTION OF AN ORIGINAL

Here comes the first generation change since the start of a new era

The new MINI is warming up to continue the outstanding success of its predecessor. Consistently enhanced and refined in design, the new MINI comes in a new look and boasts all-new drivetrain technology for even greater agility.

Due to enter the market in late 2006, the MINI Cooper is powered by a 1.6-litre normal-aspiration engine developing maximum output of 88 kW/120 hp, the MINI Cooper S comes with an even more powerful and dynamic 128 kW/175 hp turbocharged engine. The "basic" version, the new MINI One, will be following in the first half of 2007, its 1.4-litre power unit developing maximum output of 70 kW/95 hp. And finally the range will be joined, also in the first half of 2007, by the new MINI Diesel featuring the most advanced and sophisticated turbodiesel technology.

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1. Evolution of an Original.
The new MINI.
(Short Version)

2. Proportions, Shapes, Icons.
Exterior Design.

3. More Individual, more Mature, more Dynamic.
Interior Design.

4. Powerful Acceleration, Dynamic Motion,
Ongoing Perseverance.
Power Units.

5. Crisp, Precise, Quick.
Manual Gearshift and Automatic Transmission.

6. Go-Kart Feeling, Agility and Effortless Handling.
Chassis and Suspension.

7. Six Airbags All as Standard.
Safety Equipment.

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