: Girlfriend is no longer a "hater" of my detailing stuff.

08-21-2006, 07:50 AM
Ever since I joined the "obsession" here.... my gf has been a bit jealous of how I primp over my e60. She refers to my cabinet in the garage as "The Million Dollar Cabinet".

Well, that all changed on Saturday......

We were having a BBQ and were expecting about 25 friends/family to show up.

She noticed really bad water spots :mad: on the deck table (glass inserts)........

I gave her my bottle of distilled vinegar/distilled water and a mf towel and said, "try this".

No luck......

I said, "OK....... let me have a stab at it". I got out my PC 7424 a white pad and a bottle of Sonus SFX-1....... after about 10 minutes....... whala...... looked brand new. No more spots!

It almost "killed her" to smile and say thank you........... :rofl:

08-21-2006, 12:10 PM
I get that. I also have a million dollar cabinet. After removing hard water spots from my truck's windows from sprinkler overspray by using Griot's fine window polish, I'm going to try it and the rougher version on the shower door. We squeegee and have a water softener at our house, but we're remodeling it significantly so renting a house nearby for sanity. If this works on the shower door, I'll "introduce" her to it as a new cleaning product she can use. :D