View Full Version : 1998 540i Auto questions...

12-02-2002, 07:18 PM
the car my cousin is looking at has a tape player, though there is a changer in the trunk.

He likes to have the single disc available to him in the front, is it possible to retrofit an indash cd instead of the tape?

Next question is, there's no HID/Xenon lights on the car. Can those be retrofitted as well, from another year?

Preciate any info!

12-02-2002, 09:46 PM
Yes, you can retrofit the CD player from any newer in dash CD player. As long as the car you're looking at does not have NAV and is <2001- 16:9 Nav screen ratio with CD player behind screen already. The cars with NAV before 2001 have an integrated tape player in the NAV unit.

It is also possible to retrofit aftermarket or OE HID lights to your 5'er. Most often done is the retrofit of clear side marker "Angel Eyes" that offer the >2001 look. If the car does not already have HIDs you will need to make a resistor out of RadioShack parts that cost under $10. This resistor pack fools the cars computer into reading the old voltage (or amperage, whatever) and gets rid of an dash indicator that says you need to check your lights after such an upgrade.

I have HID on my car and bought the clear markers with angel eyes I am talking about: