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: PC Polishing getting me nowhere!

10-13-2006, 04:24 PM
Earlier in the summer I bought a PC and Sonus pads/polish. I spent a whole day doing my '06 3er with Sonus #2 and a green pad. I saw absolutely no results. I asked about it here and was told to try using more pressure and even going to a stronger polish and pad. So I started again this past weekend and used Sonus #1 and an orange pad. Swirl marks were still there and even some buffer marks from me!! Luckily I didn't do the whole car, but I redid some of the areas with #2 and a green pad and that took care of some of the buffer marks. So I gave up and took it to the dealer recommended place. It was a body shop (my first mistake). They had my car for 3 days, and I got it back with no difference in the swirling.

What is the deal!! Is my car immune to polishing?!? I read and read and read about how to use a PC, but I got no results and even made some things worse the second time I tried.

10-15-2006, 11:18 AM
What is the Model # of your PC? Also, are you using a backing plate or the dual-sided quck release system? You may be using the wrong pads, might need something a little more aggresive, then mild, then fine and do it in stages.

10-16-2006, 11:08 AM
I have used a PC on multiple vehicles with great results. You have to make sure you have the correct backing plate. Then you have to use the correct pad for the correct application.

I used Griots pads with Adams Revive on my new 335i and it worked great. Follow it up with Butter Wax and Brilliance and even the space grey has a mirror like finish.

You may need to get multiple products and work in stages to remove all the swirl marks. You may need a more aggressive polish followed by less aggressive.

Good luck. You can also contact the suppliers like Adams and Autogeek and they can provide some advice.