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: New Project : After Polishing, ese Menzerna Gloss or right to Full Metal Jacket

10-16-2006, 06:59 PM
Hello Everyone - (above Question should read Glaze not Gloss!)

Well, I am ten hours into my "project" with very sore arms. :yikes: As a first timer at this I am sure I got off to a fairly slow start, but here is a perspective of where I began:
(click on first pic to see slideshow once loaded)

The ding pics are probably only 5 of 25 or so noticeable sets of scratches, med-light swirls, water marks and mars/rubs. Not counting all the rock dings on the hood.

I am glad to say that all of these marks are removed or reduced to not really visible with a few needing slight touch up paint and re-compounding. Needless to say, I am very happy with the results so far. the process has been:

1) wash

2) clay (last weekend),

3) 4 in. L.C. yellow pad with Intensive Polish on 25 or so pronounced small areas of scratch(es), water marks, pronounced rubs or swirls - Each with 3 passes!

4) 6 inch Orange Edge 2000 pad over 1/5 of car (2-3 passes) with Final Polish II

5) 6 in. Blue Edge 2000 pad over 100% of car with Final Polish II

6) the related removal of compound residue after each of the above passes.....ugh!

WOW, a lot of work when you have so many problem areas to address! I am glad I have so many micro-fibers to call upon!

Now the Question...

A friendly poster suggested that I might not need the Menzerna F.T. Glaze product after Intensive Polish and Final Polish II. Suggesting that I should proceed right to Menzerna FMJ.

At this point there is very little to fill (Menz. FT Glaze includes some filler) .... there are paint chips gone in many spots on front of hood and a few small spots around the car, some shallow scratches where a little white is still visible and a couple spots where very slight indententations remain from scratches that did not fully penetrate the clearcoat initially.

Would the Menzerna Glaze fill any of the above in? Or should I proceed right to FMJ? :dunno:

I got Menzerna Intensive polish because it didn't have fillers in it......I wanted to remove the problems, not fill them in with the 3 M or other similarily configured polishes / compounds. But, I don't know at this point if I should use a product that fills in what remains of the best I could do in removing blemishes.....

What say you?

Thanks in advance for you help! I will post final results when I finish..though it may have to be after my trip to N.C. mountains to see leaves change, ride, hike and get fresh air! Ill try to get posted before I travel.

Thanks and good night!!

Solo :rofl:

10-25-2006, 02:14 PM
I am in a similar situation in that I selecetd the Menzerna polishes to correct problems, not fill them. However, after using the polishes to correct and eliminate the swirls, I still have minor chips on my hood from road debris and sand-blasting. The glaze would be useful in filling these in since it's unlikely I will ever be able to polish these out.

So if you have done all the polishing you can do, and you still have some unsightly marks, I'd use the Menzerna Glaze before the FMJ. This is on the assumption that the glaze is developed to work with the FMJ and there won't be any bonding issues. Typically glazes use oils that would have to be removed for a sealant to bond. The other option would be to top the glaze with a carnauba.

I am learning to live with a less than 100% perfect black paint job and be happy with the results I have been able to produce with the Menzerna polishes and sealant. I'm happy with it at 95%, but can't help but wonder like you, if something else would take care of the last 5%.


10-25-2006, 02:58 PM

I also like your trading post, you make mine with 3 monitors look small.:eeps: :thumbup: