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: Quick Zaino work

10-18-2006, 09:44 AM
Finally got a chance to quickly Zaino my new (to me) ride! Here are some pics to share. :D

No mods yet....but perhaps soon...:)

10-18-2006, 11:39 AM
Nice, and nice car, black saph is my favorite paint, but req's time and effort. To date, I've only used Z6, but I like it and can feel a fuller Zaino job in my future.

How much time did it take to do what you did?

As an aside, what is the going rate for what appears to be a nice house on a nice lot in your area? I'm always interested, California is crushing me.

10-18-2006, 12:02 PM
This really was a quick job and not a full Zaino. It was Z1, Z2 and Z6. This took 1.5 hours since I had washed it the day before. :thumbup:

When I do a full Zaino including Dawn wash, Clay bar, rewash, Z1, Z2, Z5, another Z5 and Z6 it takes all day......:D but so worth it!!!

10-18-2006, 01:29 PM
Great pics. Hey, that's my car exactly, except for the Sirius. And also new (to me).

DotBalm: Greenville SC. My best friend just bought a 70's model 4000 sq ft. on a 2 acre wooded lot in a good neighborhood (not subdiv.) for $350,000. New subdiv. cookie cutter houses start in the 150's. if they are out of town a bit. McMansions (5k sq ft and up) in a prestigous golf course sub-d run 400k to 1.2 mil.

10-18-2006, 02:43 PM
As an aside, what is the going rate for what appears to be a nice house on a nice lot in your area? I'm always interested, California is crushing me.

Sorry I missed your second question earlier. Funny you should ask...my house is for sale right now. I live in a 3500 square foot house. 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, bonus room, formal dining and living rooms, built in gas grill, fireplace, 2 car attached garage and workshop basement. It is on approx 1 acre. I am asking $322,500. It is a nice neighborhood. :thumbup:

10-19-2006, 08:28 AM
danna and jbcritch,

Thanks for taking the time to post that real estate info...it's killin' me.

I'm reading the house descriptions and using my CA real estate math to add a 100K here and there, and they're going by fast like the dollar meter spun at the gas pump when prices were $3 a gallon. And then I see the prices you quote for the lot sizes, proximities, etc.!

I've lived in new constr (4000 sq ft) on a golf course ($862K in '01, sold 1.25M in '04) and 3400 sq ft on a vineyard ($1.1M), and I've given up all those amenities for a water damaged 60's house in walking distance to elementary and middle schools, close to parks, pools, stores, post office, quaint old downtown, but that needs a 400 sq ft addition, and a full gutting - I'll be a lottery winner if I can get by w/o exceeding $250K in improvements, excluding landscaping which is all messed up other than huge priceless Japanese Maples. Paid the same for this 2500 sq ft house this year that I paid for upgraded new constr on a golf course and open space in '01. But that's the real estate market over the past few years and what it takes to get into a great school district and live with good old fashioned golden-rule type original owners from the 60s. They're gonna die there if they can help it.

For awhile I reported to a boss in Cary, NC, they drove me around to the pubs and breweries in and around Cary and Raleigh (very good beer), and they'd say "see that house, that's only 600K (McMansion), it would be so cheap for you to move here and be with us" and I knew that by not moving there, one day, I'd get the axe...too inconvenient having one guy on the west coast, but I couldn't uproot my son from my parents or my wife from her sisters.../sigh/

Thanks again! :cry:

10-20-2006, 06:12 AM
We hear that story all the time, although usually from people who moved down from New York/New England area...we don't get too many CA transplants! People sell their 2000 sq ft ranch in Connecticut, and use the funds to buy something palacial and still put cash in the bank.

Plus, prop taxes on my 2400 sq ft house on 42 acres is $1,000.

BUT...(to make you feel better) the food is really crappy here. I'd love to have the dining options you guys do in San Fran and Napa. Actually, Cary/Chapel Hill is an nice oasis of pretty good dining, so I hear.

One more thing, please be very careful putting money in that water damaged house. We are currently sueing our builders because our stucco house is falling down. They did all the edges wrong, the roof, the bottoms of the windows, under the terrace. Plus Anderson Windows apparently made some bad windows in the mid 90's...we got 'em. Water gets behind the stucco, rots the wood, termites move in....bad scene. Pay attention to the language in your termite contract. Good luck!