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10-30-2006, 04:00 AM
Two opposing views from the same company;
a) According to G.R. Ansul of DuPont's Car Care Products, Specialty Products Division, "The addition of a Teflon***174; flouropolymer resin does nothing to enhance the properties of a car wax. We have no data that indicates the use of Teflon***174; fluoropolymer resins is beneficial in car waxes, and we have not seen data from other people that support this position." Manufacturers of gimmicky, over-hyped products sometimes claim that their products contain Teflon***174;, hoping that the consumer will believe there is something special about that product. Ansul also notes that, "Unless Teflon***174; is applied at 700 degrees F, and using a dissolving chemical C8, it is not a viable ingredient, and is 100 percent useless in protecting the paint's finish." This is hot enough that your car's paint (let alone your car) wouldn't survive.

Information resource- Grisanti, Stephen "The Truth About Teflon***174;" Professional Car washing & Detailing, Jan1989)

b) "Fluoro-science has developed tremendously in recent years. The DuPont fluoro products that are used in the formulation of our products, add a distinctive performance benefit to the products. This has been validated in laboratory tests. For example, the low surface energy created by the fluoro chemistry in wax leads to low coefficients of friction making a wax easier to apply and to buff. The low surface energy also means that water will "bead" or flow offs the surface more readily. Surfaces treated with the fluoro chemistry resist the build up of dirt and grime and makes future cleanups easier. Teflon***174; is a fluoro surfactant."

Information resource- letter dated 23 Oct 2006, from Jeff DuPont, DuPont's Car Care Products