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: SMG steering wheel COMPLETED!

12-15-2002, 12:24 AM
Wow! This is the most awesome thing I've ever done to my car. The paddle shifting is great on the X5. The fun never stops. I found the shifting to be faster on the paddles than the shifter. It doesn't lag as much. Overall, the installation was very straight forward and clear. I took my time so I finished it in about 4 hours. But I guess the hardest part was taking the airbag out and putting it in the new M3 wheel. I have to thanks Vince for this tremendously fabulous KIT! For more information, here's the link to his website ( I would truely recommend getting this kit as this is a must-mod for all BMW enthusiasts!


Mr Paddle.Shift
12-15-2002, 09:19 AM
Thanks Kenneth! Glad that you like it! :D :thumbup:

12-16-2002, 08:12 PM
Looks Great Kenneth. I plan on installing mine in the next few days. What were the installation tips you suggested to Vince?