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: I am lost!

12-25-2006, 06:02 AM
Just got a new Monaco Blue 335 and I really want to take good care of it. However I have no clue how claying and waxing are done... :(

Right now, I just wash my 94 miata once every two weeks with Mr.Clean Autodry thing and clean the wheels/tires. I also clean the glass with InvisibleGlass and the interiors with 303 aerospace protectant.

Please help me understand whats the best way to take care of my car. Realistically I can spend a couple of hours with the car once every 2 weeks (or even every week if needed). Please also point me to genuine resources about claying, waxing etc.

I did try to search but I got way too many results and it only confused me more and more.

Please help!

12-25-2006, 07:15 AM
This is what makes our discussions here fun and entertaining. Just like your choice to purchase the 335 vs. say a 330 or M3, it was made after much research and thought. Search this forum thoroughly and the links that are given. You will find a wealth of info from the major detailing sites.


Make a choice, use the products, and report back later. Trust me when you ask the question which are the best products to use no two people will agree. And one thing is for sure whatever you choose it will be an improvement from what your using now! Congrats on your purchase:thumbup:. Good luck with your choice:dunno:. And happy holidays to everyone out there:wave:

12-25-2006, 08:30 AM
Hi there and welcome. There is a TON of information and a TON of products to wade thru. I would do some research first and then decide which preferred way of detailing best suits my needs. Find a website that you feel comfortable with the info and stick to it. You will probably find too much information if you continue to search each and every website that deals with detailing. Also, the one stop spray on/hose off miracle wash wax and sealant stuff is usually too good to be true. Beware. Good old fashioned work will do the best.

I like to use classicmotoringaccessories.com. They have useful online How-To's for using each product they sell. Spend some time reading them.

No matter which way you decide, get a Porter Cable machine. It takes all of the grunt work out of detailing your car. Just about every method of detailing will use this great machine.

The common thread to proper care of your car is prep work. Prepping the paint properly will help the final coat of wax/sealant to look its best. As long as you choose a high quality polish and wax/sealant combo, you will have good results. Don't forget an assortment of microfiber towels etc.

This forum is VERY useful for a lot of info.