: general info about auto paint shops, insruance, paint process

12-30-2006, 06:15 PM
Hi all, I'm looking to learn a bit more info about car paints...

My 530 was side swiped recently and after calling my local dealership for repairs (Brecht BMW) they charged my insurance carrier 95/hr.. when my carrier would only pay out 42/hr (id have to pay the difference..)

I opted to go with my insurnace recommended shop (All American Paint and Body) which was right next to an entire fleets of different car stealerships.

The body shop told me 3 weeks before I'd see my car.. the side fenders, driver side door, and passenger side door had dents and thin but long scrapes.. they decided to repaint everything..

Question 1:
For some strange reason they needed to repaint the hood as well so that the colors would match .. shouldn't it match near identical anyways?

digging around I learned that BMW atomizes their paint, and places an electrical charge to ensure all paint covers all areas of the body, and that the metallic body is covered in a nickel-something coat to prevent corrosion. They then prime and "bake" the primer, paint and "bake" the paint...

Question 2:
How does this differ from an auto body? do they simple sand off all the paint? and then place the primer.. air dry it.. paint it.. air dry it.. clear coat.. air dry it? Do they not use sophisticated paint tools (atomizing and charging the paint particles??) if they sand it.. doesn't that expose the bare metal to corrosion?? I take it auto bodies don't goto corrossion prevention measures like BMW factories do?

Question 3:
While the paint is covered lifetime by the insurance... what about rust and corrosion? Does BMW still cover this? The insurance?

Hopefully someone has experience /w this situation.

Feedback appreciated

01-04-2007, 11:58 PM
When they replace the fender, they will have to blend into the hood. Most consumers think the paint should be identical to factory paint, but it's not that simple. even cars that have same colors from the factory is not a perfect match if they were built in a different plants.

BMW certified 3 brands of paint for certified repair shops. which are Glasurit, Standox and Spies&Hecker. They recommend that you use epoxy primer on any bare metal surfaces before applying primer to prevent from rusting. BMW will soon supply its own paint line called "Color System" to the certified shops(which is made by Standox for US market)

If there is a repair area that requires a use of body filler(bondo), they will sand the damaged area to bare metal. when the repair is done, epoxy over the bare metal surfaces and then primer.

As of right now I believe Sata paint guns are the only ones certified by BMW. All
automotive paint guns Atomise paint. the electrical charge that you've mentioned can not be duplicated at a bodyshop but the epoxy primer is a excellent replacement.

If paint was applied correctly the paint should not corrode, if it does it is usually bad prep job by the painter or the helper.

I highly recommend you look for a BMW certified bodyshop in your area.

hope that answered some of your questions