Saw an Audi S3 at the Grand Canyon

ZBB 325Ci
12-28-2002, 06:27 AM
Did a little road trip up to the Grand Canyon while home in AZ for Christmas... In one of the parking lots up there was an Audi S3. I saw an A3 in NYC a couple years ago, but that one had diplomatic plates on it, so you can reason how it got into the US.

The S3 at first look had no plates on it -- the rear had a license plate frame from a Dutch dealer. On second glance, I noticed a Texas plate in the rear window... I'm wondering how somebody managed to get it into the US and register...

Unfortunately, no pics, but the S3 was black with black leather inside (and Recarro seats...)

ZBB 325Ci
12-28-2002, 06:36 AM
The 2nd part of the road trip was to visit Canyon de Chelly (pronounced "Shay"), in extreme NE AZ.

Noticed a debadged Audi RS6 while up there with Arizona Manufacturer plates... later on while heading back to Phoenix last evening (I was crusing at 75 on a 2 lane with a 65 limit), I notice some xenon headlights quickly approaching from behind... They followed behind me for about 5 minutes until it was clear enough to pass... It passed me and cruised the next 20 miles to I-40 at 80-85. I ended up following him about a half mile back on I-40 for about 50 miles -- he was cruising at about 88. Coincidentally, we both got off in Holbrook AZ (where you can take side roads for about 150 miles down to Phoenix) -- I pulled up next to him at a light and he waved... Unfortunately, they pulled into a convenience store, so I didn't get to follow them all the way back to Phoenix.

By the way -- did the road trip in my Mom's 325Ci... Put about 950 miles on the car in 3 days (100, 300, and 550 miles each day)... Good time and some beautiful AZ territory!