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: Question on cleaning product

01-10-2007, 04:57 PM
are all Meguiar's product good? interior cleaning and exterior. cause its all i use on my e30 after reading that armorol is bad for you baby.

01-10-2007, 08:45 PM
I don't use the whole Meguiars line just because I like to try different products but everything I've used from Meguiars was just fine and did the job it was supposed to do and many users have been using Meguiars products for more years than I have.
The company is very responsive in dealing with change also. Look at their NXT line. Very new, very modern, very responsive to market changes. Overall, the company offers excellent value too.
I've just ordered a gallon of their Detailer Line glass cleaner. It has a great reputation and get this, 24 bucks American and the cleaner is concentrated so it makes 11 gallons of cleaner and it's supposed to be a great glass cleaner if combined with a microfiber glass towel. That's an incredible value.
You won't go wrong with Meguiars products when you buy over the counter stuff.

Your decision to not use Armor All might be a bit premature though. Armor All suffers from it's old reputation of years ago when it may have caused chemicals to leach out of vinyl and cause cracking. They revamped the formula quite a while ago but the the old reputation lingers. I don't use it for my interior just because it's too shiny for my tastes but I do use it for my wheel wells, so it's still in my cleaning arsenal - just not in the interior.
Ask more questions when your ready, we'll help.
-John C.