View Full Version : corroded calipers

02-17-2007, 07:01 AM
just over 3 months old and the front and rear calipers are covered with corrosion from the road salt-whatever finish the factory applies is now gone. Looks like I will be doing a G2 Caliper paint job this spring. I did this to my '03 Z4 in red and it came out beautiful. I also removed the carriers and painted them with silver wheel enamel and brushed a satin gray enamel on the rotor hubs--see the pic below. The rotor hubs on the X3 look like they will be rusting by the spring also--so I might as well do it all. I was going to replace the X3 pads with Axxis Delux but the dust from the stock pads is not as bad as the ones on my Z4--do you think BMW changed material on the '07??? I also don't want to cause any warranty issues with aftermarket pads! So here is my question--what color would look good on a Plat Bronze X3--I don't think red will go so maybe silver or black.