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: 2008 550 Lease Rates, Speculation?

02-24-2007, 11:24 PM
Hi Everyone,

So I'm getting rather anxious about 2008 5 Series Lease Rate and Pricing Information.
If you were to speculate, what might you think Rates and Residuals might be on an 08 550? I'm assuming that the rates must go up (as compared to '07 models) and residuals?

Thanks you guys, I just want to know if my 550 is going to be sensible to lease for my upcoming Euro Delivery in May.

Mac Daddy
02-25-2007, 10:58 AM
I bet money factors will go up, but I am hoping they won't be completely unsubsidized as some have suggested, ala M cars and the all-new X5. That didn't happen with the E90, and would nearly double the current rates (MF 0.0032) and raise the payment quite a bit. Perhaps the residuals will even improve a bit with the redesign -- in theory they will hold their value slightly better over the next couple of years. Of course the price is going up too.

The one thing I am sure of is that I will have a higher payment with the 08 than I would have had with a comparable 07! FWIW I am guessing $100 - $150 a month more...