: If the effort in steering feels different -it's back

01-16-2003, 08:27 AM
Someone had emailed me and was asking about my whole steering fiascal on my 2001.
For those that don't know, my steering had more effort in one direction over the other. In other words it felt easier to turn the wheel to the right then it did to the left.

After going back & forht a few times, I started to think that it would not make sense that a car has more effort in one direction over the other due to the steering pump (or whatever gives it power) but that it has to be other factors such as alignment and other mechanical things that could actually make the steering effort change in one direction over the other.

Wouldn't this be the only thing that makes sense . . . isn't the power of the 'steering' going to be the same no matter what because the pump cannot vary it's power in one direction ?

Am I right in what I said . . . I;'m no mechanic and wouldn't want to give someone the wrong advice . . .

Bottom-line: I told him to 'leave it alone' because when I had mine corrected, all they did was end up screwing up my steering rack and I had to have the retrofit done to make it better.