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03-11-2007, 03:22 PM
hello i've been lurking around this board for about 2 days now and finally registered;) I am still debating on which series to get the 335 or wait for the 535xi. Since I fist posted here, you're right i'm leaning towards the 535:D I know I will be well educated in this site and i'm sooo happy to be here.

I had a dark blue color VW Jetta (Wolfsburg Edition) in the past and man it had something I really dislike "Swirlmarks." I babied that car I washed it with the finest soap, dryied it with the finest chamois, waxed it with Zymoil and couldn't help to discover swirlmarks. The only way to get rid of it (temporarily) was to wax the car every week, PITA. I promised myself i am never buying a dark colored car again.

Well, today I am planning to buy Black. I saw a black 530i and a 335i at the supermarket and they look so sweet. AWESOME LOOKING CARS:jawdrop:

Question: Owners with dark colored cars, do you notice swirlmarks? Since this is a BMW I was thinking the paint should be of higher quality than the VW.


03-11-2007, 03:32 PM
In bright sun, if you go looking for them - sure. So ask yourself this: when you were in the parking lot looking at those beautiful black cars, did you see the swirl marks? Was that what jumped out at you? Probably no.

Just hand wash your car - don't let someone else do it - wax it when it needs it and enjoy YOUR car like you would any you'd see in a supermarket lot - I doubt the owners know any car care tricks that you don't.

If you are going to obsess about it though, then I'd suggest Silver - very easy color to keep looking great and swirl marks are much harder to see.

03-13-2007, 08:50 AM
if your like i am go for the ti silver. i hate washing cars and the silver is the best color for me.

ive had a black metalic bmw and the little bit of gold flake in the black really hide a lot of your vw problems. the dark blue look graet as well

03-13-2007, 12:18 PM
I have a black sapphire metalic 530i and wash it once a week. I had the car shipped from a dealership in California and didn't detail when I got as I was still researching which system would I adopt. I noticed that it was very difficult to keep clean. It was a dust and dirt magnet. Two months into ownership I polished the car with Zaino's ZPC Fusion and applied coats of Z2 and Z5. Ocassionally I'll apply Z6 - a quick detailer. It has been three months since I polished the car and have not noticed any swirling - knock on wood. My advice that if you are going to wash your car weekly and like black then get it. If you are not - and are just getting black because it looks nice - then don't get it because it will not look nice if you don't regularly wash it. Get a variation of sliver. Afterall, it is BMW and it will look good in almost any color.

03-13-2007, 02:38 PM
I've got the Monaco Blue. This was my first dark color car. It looks great after you wash it but the salt residue in the East is hard to keep up with sometimes. I got great advice from my oldest daughter when I was trying to decide between the Monaco Blue and Silver. I grumbled that it would look terrible when it was dirty and she countered that it would look better than the silver when it was clean - she was right.

I've actually been out washing the car in 32 degree weather when the water was freezing before I could dry it. The dark colors are great and I might even go for the metallic black next time. Just be prepared for a little extra care.

A few words about the paint: I think the paint and clearcoat quality is fine but the finish is not as smooth as, say, a Lexus which has a nice smooth coat with minimal "orange peel".

03-13-2007, 04:13 PM
The reality is that all car paint is soft (more so now with water-based paints), and swirls/scratches are inevitable.

Dark colors show more surface imperfections. There's no way to avoid it. Lighter colors aren't any better, they just don't show the imperfections as much.

The irony is that washing a car more frequently will increase surface imperfections--since any time you rub on the paint, you'll cause swirls/scratches, no matter how careful you are.

A freshly detailed dark car looks great, but it doesn't last long, between dust and dirt, and wax deteriorating--which reveals the surface imperfections that were temporarily filling in by the wax.

So if you have the time and mindset to carefully wash and wax your car, and like dark colors, go for it. I gave that up a long time ago and prefer lighter colors.

I've found silver gray to be a great compromise color. Not too light to look washed out (especially in bright sunlight), and not too dark to show every imperfection. And, not as gratifying to detail as dark colors (again a temporary thing ;) ).

With any color, there are a few keys to minimizing (you'll never eliminate) surface imperfections. First, wash with a high quality car shampoo, starting from the top (the cleanest part) and work your way down (the dirtiest part). Second, always wash (and buff when waxing) in straight lines (not circular, which causes swirls) "as the wind flows" from front to back of the car. This makes the inevitable scratches less visible.

03-13-2007, 04:44 PM
One thing: Jet Black shows imperfections moreso than Sapphire Black Metallic. The former looks great when clean, but oh man there have been tons of comments on this board about how maintaining it to be swirl-free is impossible.

Ugly Bear
03-13-2007, 09:01 PM
I really like Monaco Blue. But I am not very careful even when I trying hard so even if I hand wash a car trying to be extra careful, I will still scratch it :cry: So I went with Silver Gray.