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: DTC vs DSC

03-19-2007, 08:52 AM
HI -

Would you Bimmer experts help out a rookie ?

I really need to understand the differences of Dynamci Stability Control and Dynamic Traction Control.

First off - are these two features always tuned "on" unless I change them ?
Do they work independently ?
Why would I want them on ?
When would I want to turn them off?

Please just basic explantion would help me. The owner's manual seems confusing.
Thank you ahead of time.

Wanna-Bee in CT

03-19-2007, 11:27 AM
DSC and DTC are "ON" by default. As I understand it, the systems work to keep the car travelling where you steer by monitoring wheel slippage and car postions (yaw, etc) and applying power or braking to individual wheels. We got to experience the benefits of these systems while picking up our car at the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina last week. Donnie Isley, one of the PC driving instructors, took us each on several laps around the wet, polished concrete skidpad at the track. With DSC turned off, all of us spun the cars out. When the system was reactivated, we could take laps around the skidpad at a good pace without losing control of the vehicle. It was an impressive demonstration.

DSC/DTC can be turned off in a situation where some wheel spin is needed to get the cart moving, such as when stuck in the mud or driving up a snowy inclined driveway.

Hope that helps. I'm sure others can chime in with more detailed explanations.

Richard in NC
03-20-2007, 06:10 PM
Some more information:
A single press of the DTC button enables DTC mode. This allows some wheelspin but keeps Dynamic Stability Control active to help prevent sliding out of control. If you press and hold the button, both systems are deactivated allowing no protection against skids. This mode is best explored on-track if you're not used to the car. BTW with DSC off, ABS is still fully functional and I believe so is corner Brake Control (this allows better directional control during full ABS activation in a corner).

One other note, if you explore the cars limits with DSC on and get used to it protecting you when pushing the car, you may be more suprised by a skid if one day you decide to experiment with it off.