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Learn about that internal boot (trunk) release!

540i in OZ
03-20-2007, 04:38 AM
This article in the local news will probably prompt many other BMW owners to check the location of their emergency trunk lid release.


"A Sydney doctor who escaped from the boot of his BMW just seconds before it was engulfed by flames says he feared more for the safety of his young family than for his own life.

Dr Steven Tan, 34, was back at work at the Mater Hospital in North Sydney on Tuesday - just one day after two carjackers posing as police robbed him, locked him in the boot and torched the car.

Dr Tan, who had been driving to the hospital to help deliver a baby, told police he escaped after hearing the boot lock click and someone yell "Get out of the car".

After driving around and using Dr Tan's keycards to remove money from various northern Sydney ATM machines, the thieves set the car on fire.

He managed to escape after hearing the boot lock click, but it is not known whether his attackers unlocked the boot.

Dr Tan, who did not see the offenders when he escaped the burning vehicle, raised the alarm at a house in the riverfront suburb of Linley Point, where the car was dumped."