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: original owner protection / repair contract question

03-24-2007, 10:45 AM
Hi all - someones 325 2003 tranny rebuilt at $3600.00 made me rethink about warranty options.

my 530xi is at 16K miles but I worry about the X-drive system/Idrive/Water pump/Electronic sensors... so:

I found these two from http://www.twinkidneygrill.com

Repair Contracts (7 year, 100K miles by Fidelity Warranty Services) 2,698.00

Original Owner protection (add'l 2 years + another 50k after Original warranty expires) 2,825

Ideally I want to keep the car to 100K but I'm not sure what the differences are with these (they both will put my car to 7 years 100K)

does one cover wear and tear vs. flaws/defects/gremlins? What other options are there outside this? is there one that covers both these at a better price?