: MINI Makes A Million

04-08-2007, 09:38 AM
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New production and sales record expected in 2007

Oxford/Munich. Six years after the start of series production, the one millionth MINI has rolled off the production line at Plant Oxford. Reaching the one million mark represents another milestone in what has become a thrilling MINI success story. This year also sees a new addition to the MINI family in the form of the MINI Clubman, the third model in the MINI range and with increased production capacity and rising demand MINI is heading for a new production and sales record.

Since its launch in 2001 MINI has defined a new market segment - the premium small car with a worldwide presence and a comprehensive range of customisation options. From Chile to China, MINI is enjoying growing popularity among customers across 80 markets around the world. Almost 80% of MINIs, which are all built to individual customer orders, are currently produced for export. While initial forecasts suggested a market for about 100,000 units per year, since 2001 actual per annum sales have totalled more than double that figure reaching a record of 200,428 units in 2005.

Over 4,700 associates produce up to 700 MINIs a day over three shifts
Developments at Plant Oxford have reflected MINI's success: in 2001 some 2,400 associates worked in single shift operations to build a maximum of 300 cars a day. Today more than 4,700 associates work 24/7 over three shifts to produce as many as 700 MINIs per day. During the same period maximum production capacity for the plant has risen from 100,000 to over 200,000 units per year, and in the medium term, annual capacity is planned to reach 240,000 units. In total BMW Group has invested some £380 million into Plant Oxford since 2000 to increase production capacity and to prepare for new MINI derivatives.

With the presentation of the second generation MINI in September 2006 the other UK plants at Hams Hall and Swindon became an integral part of MINI production. As members of the MINI Production Triangle in the UK, these plants supply engines, pressings and sub-assemblies to Plant Oxford. Together they bring the total number of MINI production associates in the UK up to around 6,800. All three plants are currently preparing for the launch of series production of the new MINI Clubman.

The millionth MINI is unique
Like all MINIs, the one millionth car was produced to customer order. In this case the 'customer' is BMW Group's heritage division, Mobile Tradition. The designers of the landmark MINI Cooper S were inspired by classic MINI features, but in spite of its numerous special options the one millionth MINI was produced in the regular series production process - a testimony to the plant's considerable flexibility.
The sporty and unique exterior design of the one millionth MINI is characterised by the colours white ('Pepper White') and green ('Almond Green'). One of the special highlights is the graphic on the roof which consists of one million little MINIs. The white and green colour theme is also reflected in the car's leather interior, the basic colour of which is black with black-and-white décor surfaces.