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: NOW AVAILABLE: E38 spec.dock, a truly INTEGRATED, STEALTH iPod Mounting Solution

04-19-2007, 12:37 PM

Finally it is here! The E38 spec.dock has been released.

The 2point5 spec.dock delivers 100***37; stealth integration of your iPod in your BMW and incredible convenience. Available online exclusively through BSW, the spec.dock is the world's ONLY vehicle and iPod specific dock connector - it simply replaces your ash tray.

This product is the newest spec.dock for BSW, and we are VERY excited to finally have a E38 integrated, stealth iPod mounting solution.

Price: $159.95

You can learn more about the spec.dock here (just select the version of the spec.dock for your model):

The unit is also available for purchase with a DICE iPod Integration kit (you'll save $30 this way, too).


* 100% Stealth for Greater Safety
* Easy, Quick iPod Connection / Disconnect
* Vehicle Specific for Optimum Placement
* iPod Model Specific Insert so Your iPod Stays Put
* Works with Almost ALL iPods
* Hand-Made to Perfection in the USA!

Questions? Let me know!


-Does the spec.dock come with an iPod integration interface?
-No. The spec.dock is a mount only with a pre-installed cable that matches an iPod integration system of your choice:

DICE iPod Integration Kit

Dension ICE Link Plus

Alpine FullSpeed

RCA Audio / Video outputs

If you do not already have an iPod integration system of some kind that matches one of the above cables, you will need to purchase such a system. We recommend the DICE iPod integration kit, and if you purchase the spec.dock with the DICE, we offer a $30 discount (the spec.dock is an optional add-on to the DICE kit for the E38).

*Turn around times will be extended for all spec.dock cable options other than DICE / Dension ICE Link Plus*