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: Intermittent CD Changer Problem

04-28-2007, 04:07 AM
I just purchased a 2000 Series 5 - 528i sport wagon, which is top condition, 68K. Everything else is great, except that the radio won't switch to the CD changer. The radio is the Business Cassette, and more often than not, when I press the Tape/CD button, it doesn't sense the CD Changer, and just responds, "No Tape". One time, I started up, and the CD's (including a MP3 CD) played perfectly. The changer loads fine, and is brand new (replacement).

Three months ago a previous owner apparently had this problem, and took it in to his local dealer, and the dealer put in a new 2006 OEM changer to "fix" the problem (I have the $600 invoice with the other paperwork). I suspect it is a loose connection, but I don't know where to check. I don't know that the repairing dealer can be much help, since the car is now 2500 miles away. A friend purchased the car privately from California, and flew to pick it up, driving it back to Iowa. I purchased it from the friend, who now is going to use the money to help his son with a home down payment instead.

Thanks for any help to a new Bimmer owner!


04-28-2007, 05:31 AM
Failure to detect the CD Changer could be either the iBus data cable or the power cable.

There are two connections to the CDC, Audio (6 pins) and iBus/power/ground (3 pins). Check out the 3 pin connector for obvious damage, but if it's the iBus it could be very difficult to trace. The Head unit polls for the CD Changer every 20 seconds, if it does not reply then the CDC selection is not available. Is there any other 3rd party device connected to the iBus? Have you ever had flat battery problems?

04-28-2007, 08:16 AM
Thank you, Richard, for your quick reply. I will pull out the CDC and check these connections. There is nothing else connected. I have only had the car two days; the friend I purchased from didn't ever try the CD Player (he only had it two months, and the previous owner just had the CDC replaced by his California BMW dealer. Battery seems fine.