View Full Version : e39 540 and e60 530 use same front rotors

05-01-2007, 08:30 PM
While researching the cost of replacing the rotors on my 2004 e60 530 I came upon the fact that FRONT rotors of the exact same size are also used on my old 1997 e39 540. I happen to have an extra set of front rotors from my 540 and it would be great if I could re-use on my new 530.

I tried to confirm this in realoem however realoem does list a different part number for the e39 540 front brake rotors vs e60 530 front brake rotors. However, as for the specifications of the part, both rotors are measured 324mm x 30mm -- Further, the brake manufacture DBA (http://www*****brakes.com/dba/standard-apps-BMW.html) recommends the same rotors for both of these vehicles...

Can anybody confirm that any vendor vented 324mm x 30mm rotors will work on the front of an 2004 e60 530? Do you think I can use my extra e39 540 front brake rotors on my e60 530? The brake rotors I am hoping to use are Powerslot 421PSL and 421PSR