: Initia Reviews and Questions in the 2008 535i

05-02-2007, 08:00 AM
Hey folks - I just picked up my 2008 535i.:rofl:

The color is black on black and it includes the premium pkg, cold weather pkg, Navigation and SIRIUS. It's actually my first Beamer so I'm curiously trying to learn about the car and how to drive and maintain it.

My initial thoughts on the car is that it's got lots of POWER! The twin turbo engine accelerates 0-60 quicker than the 5.7 listed in the manual. It may not have as comfortable and smooth of a ride and leather, etc. as the Benz and Lexus I've driven before, but it looks like a mean bad-as* car (assisted by the cool new front and rear headlights and slightly designed front bumper and grill), and can deliver. The car also dazzles everyone that sees it on the road. :thumbup:

I would appreciate your responses on a few questions:

1) How seriously should I adhere to the "break-in" procedure (i.e., staying below 100mph, below 4400 rpm, fluctuating speed and rpm and taking it easy on the breaks for the first 1,200 miles) and what are the adverse consequences of not doing so (i.e, does violating the break-in guidelines a few times cause noticeable damage to the performance and reliability such as engine power, acceleration or durability of parts)? Do any such adverse effects only show up after 50K miles or is it more immediate?

2) Does the car start performing better after the break-in period is over? For example, even though the car has rocketed from 0-60 and 60-80, I feel like the engine is a little bit slow off the mark (not sure if that's related to turbo lag) or RPMs a little high at times from 0-30 and 60-80. Does this mean that the enging is just settling in and will get stronger, or does it mean that the engine is performing like it should (I should not push it)?

3) Also, I feel like it's still a little stiff when driving fast around curves (it does'nt hug the road as well as an AUDI A6 Quattro I tested). Does this mean that I need to allow more time to let the tires grip the road, or that I need to drive it differently to get the full sports/performance around the curves? I'll check tire pressure.

4) Should I get an oil change (not covered by the maintenance plan) after the first 1000 miles to drain the metal caught in the oil and filter during break-in?

That's a lot of questions for today. Glad this forum is here.:)

05-03-2007, 08:18 AM
However, please post in the correct forum and you will get more answers to your questions! ;) I've moved you and given you a courtesy bump.