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Tire Problems

05-03-2007, 01:16 PM
Because of an alignment problem, all 4 of my tires have to be replaced. I'm ticked b/c I just had these tires put on 12k miles ago in June.

The tires I have now are Dunlops 18" staggered (275/35 & 275/40). My stock wheels are beat up pretty badly, so I'm also going to replace those. Since I'm not 19 yrs old anymore, I'm not looking to put a whole lot of money into some new wheels. However, I want something decent and sporty priced around $350/wheel (although not the famous names like Beyern or Roja). Right now I'm looking at the 5-spoke wheels in either silver, chrome or even black. Another thing - I'm not going through the dealer b/c I don't want to feel like Bubba's boy in a jail cell.

So I went to a local tire dealer that I trust. I've shopped him around a couple of times before and he's always given me a good deal. Keep in mind I'd like to keep my wheels at 18" or 19", but the selection and pricing options at those sizes are limited and high.

So here are the options that my tire guy is throwing at me:

Option #1 - Keep the tires staggered, but switch to 20". More wheel, but I'm concerned that it will
look too pimpy. Also, less profile on the tire makes it more prone to eggs if I hit a curb or pothole. The upside is that I have more pricing options at 20". At 18", I'll have to pay minimum of around $740/wheel. So at 20" total cost of wheels and tires, I'm looking at somewherearound $4k, instead of around $8k if I were to go with 18".

Option #2 - Go 20" all the way around. I'll spend less than if I go staggered, but I'll definitely be giving up some ride and noise quality. Again, I'm concerned about looking too pimpy.
The upside is that I'm looking at spending closer to between $3000-3200. I'll probably save around $800-$1k if I go this route as opposed to going staggered.

I appreciate any input or additional options/ideas if anyone has them.

05-05-2007, 04:09 PM
Have a look at Bekkers Imports and see if they have anything you like. Their prices seem pretty competitive and they have the new M6 wheel which looks really good on the 5 series.

05-07-2007, 07:55 AM
thanks jb... will do.
Would 20"s look bad on an e60?