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5 series, 2004 vs. 2006

05-05-2007, 12:35 PM
I currently drive an 01 525 and am considering a newer 5 series. I love my E39 but would like a little more power for my daily driver. I'm considering either an 04 or an 06, thinking the 06 might be the better choice, especially if it's a 525, because of increased horsepower etc., but I've now read there are reliability issues with the 05 and 06 5 series. Anyone care to share experiences - good and bad - with 04 or 06 525s or 530s?

05-06-2007, 09:30 PM
I recently made the move from a 1997 e39 540 to a 2004 e60 530 ... both auto. Althought I miss a little bit of the straight away power the 540 had, I can honestly say I believe the 530 is a much more fun car to drive. Between the technology in the e60 and the improvements made in the suspension/handling (active roll control, active steering, etc) I've become completely spoiled by the e60 ... it's easily the nicest driving car I've ever owned. Whatever HP I may have lost is easily replaced by the feeling you get taking an e60 through some S turns at 75 mph. I think if your coming from an e39 525 an e60 530 sport would be an improvement across the board.

I've only put a few thousands miles on mine, so I can't really comment on realiability, but so far so good nothing other then minor issues expected w/ buying a used car and everything has been taken car of under warranty. My only real complaint is that BMW puts run flats on e60's and I can't stand the tire noise which results... gonna rip off that rubber as soon as I can.

Eric B
05-07-2007, 11:22 AM
This isn't reliability related, but if you finance the car, BMW USA is 3.9***37; and they make your first 2 payments on CPO 2004 5 Series. Plus the BMWCCA rebate.

I would get the bigger engine on a 2004. I took a second look at the 04's and ended up with a CPO 545 with 30k on it.