View Full Version : 2004 530i - Dealer offer $35,369 - Iis it OK?

05-16-2007, 07:11 PM
Its Oriental Blue Metallic with Beige Leather interiors
42k miles has nvn/pp/cp/premium sound/xenon lights
included is full extended maintenance warranty for 100k miles or Feb 2010
The original sticker price on this car was $54,420

Price Breakup:
Asking 33900 + 1200 (maintenance extended) + 269 doc fee, title fees = $35,369

Any honest opinion is sincerely appreciated.

Question on Bluetooth Upgrade:
This car was most probably manufactured in Feb 04, is it possible to upgrade it with bluetooth? and also does the premium sound package plays mp3?

Thanks for reading and if can, please answer with your comments!

05-17-2007, 03:59 AM
when I was buying mine thats what they were all around, 525s with most options and between 28k and 35k miles were about $33,000 the 530's were usually a grand or two more.

05-17-2007, 04:58 PM
Not a bad price (33900) but I think about $1500 above what this vehicle may wholesale for. If it's in good shape (good tires, no bodywork, clean title report) I wouldn't mind paying $1500 over wholesale.

I decided to skip the extended maintenance and I think you can get it cheaper from some board members then $1200. No need to buy this at time of purchase, you have until the end of the factory warranty to do so (at any dealer).

No sport + beige interior ... not my first or second choice... may be more difficult to sell this car eventually since everyone will want these features as the car continues to depreciate. Sport and either grey or black will be much more desirable. The nav somewhat offsets this but not fully IMO.

re: BT - the production month is very important. From 04/2004 and on, BT can be enabled with a simple software option if the car had BMW assist. If it doesn't it's not much more then $200 in parts. Before 04/2004 and with BMW assist, you can replace the TCU module in the trunk with a current TCU module and then retrofit the option in via software. The TCU module can range from $300 (gray market) to $700 (refurb BMW) to $1400 (new BMW). It really depends what month and how much you want to spend but it can be retrofitted into almost any e60.

re: MP3's - if you have NAV, you can play MP3 discs in your DVD rom drive. I know you cannot play them in the CD CHANGER and only after certain years can you play them in the SINGLE CD drive. I don't have NAV or premium sound and I know I cannot play MP3 cd's in my production month 03/2004 SINGLE CD.