View Full Version : Progman 25: Changes in I-drive without Nav

05-23-2007, 10:08 AM

The dealer just updated my '04 545I (No-Nav) with the latest progman version (though he didn't tell me the exact version, i believe it must be 25)

I tried to check the version through the secret menu, but the version is same as it was before (I-06-03-510_051122) which, I believe, is CIP 21.00.00

It also says "Build Aug 10 2006" (As seen in the picture) ... so I'm still not sure od the correct version on the car.

The service record says my car was programmed with the latest software version (though the version is not mentioned)

So I was playing around with I-drive screen to notice any changes, when I entered in the "Service requirements" menu, I found that the screen is split now, i.e. if I scroll to an option, the left side of the screen shows the status for that option (What I believe is, before updating the software, I have to click on the option to know the status)

But again, i'm not exactly sure, so I want others confirm the same.

One more question,

As seen in one of the attached pictures, the "Vehicle check" is due after 6000 mls, Does that mean Inspection-I or it is something different?