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: 530 with M6 wheels.

05-24-2007, 07:01 AM
I have an 06 530 with sports package wheels, I want to upgrade to M6 wheels which are 245/35/19F and 275/30/19R. Do I need a spacer for make this work? I am getting mixed information. Any advice on this will be well appreicated.

05-24-2007, 07:23 AM
I have the M6 wheels. These will fit your car as is...spacers only make them look more aggressive by pushing the wheels out so they are flush with the body. The most common M6 wheels have a 28+ offset in the rear, although the version specifically made for the M5, although rare, have an offset of 17+. If you end up with the 28+, a 12mm spacer will bring this down to 16+. From what I read, play it safe with 12mm and avoid rubbing.

05-24-2007, 08:02 AM
Thank you for your info, I noticed couple of guys have used 12mm spacers.