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: Treo 755p and E46 BMW ULF (bluetooth)

05-29-2007, 08:56 AM
I haven't been visiting this board for a while - don't know I've lost my interest in tinkering with the car electronics or the ICE forum's posts just don't have the same helpful or interesting info lately. Anyway, just wanted to post an update:

I got the new Treo 755p last week, and finally got to pairing it with the car this past weekend. I have E46 325xi with (?) 2004 ULF (5th generation). I found the pairing experience not much different than what I had to go through when pairing my old Treo 650. If there is any improvement in the bluetooth stack on the 755p - I didn't notice. The good news is that the pairing process eventually worked out (there is a monster thread I started couple years ago on how to pair a 650 - it still works the same). The only thing I couldn't verify is the transfer of the Treo favorites to the car - since my car retains all the favorites from my old (and now defunct) 650, I can't really tell if the 755p transferred anything; also a funny side effect - now I can't delete the old favorites from the car.

I know most people these days will be interested in how the 755p works with the E90 and newer systems - I don't have insight on that beyond that if your Treo 650 worked, the 755p should work the same.