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06-07-2007, 04:09 AM
Hello all, been searching options and various installs done on this board. I just got an iPod last week, I know, late onto the new technology. I almost bought an Ebay IceLink but after some research I'm in the dark about the Dice as well. Here is what I currently have:

'98 e39 528i
Factory tape player in the dash
Alpine 6 disc changer in the trunk
All in cabin speakers still factory
JL Audio amp & 2-12"subs
No Nav
CD changer works w/ a Blitzsafe adaptor that has an AUX input that I got from Blitzsafe directly
AUX input connected to Audiovox DVD player & screens in visors
Sirius InV receiver hardwired for power but using FM modulator at top of back window
3rd gen iPod currently using tape adaptor, not sure on firmware #

For the Sirius I'd like to leave it as it is, comes in clear enough but my issue is w/ the iPod. The Blitzsafe adaptor works by pressing track up then track down, either on the radio or steering wheel and it switches between the changer and the Aux-in. For it to work though, the cartridge has to be in the changer. W/o it in there, I can't switch between the two. My understanding is that the Dice and IceLink products replace the changer but I can't find a firm answer if either one would also emulate the presence of the cartridge so as to allow operation of the Blitzsafe adaptor?

So what is suggested, do I take a chance w/ either one & see what happens or do I go w/ the Dice that I think has an Aux-in on the HD model? Problem w/ the latter is that between iPod, and Sirius, I really don't have a need for HD radio. Also, I read somewhere that the HD Dice only worked in cars that has the factory SAT wiring. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!

06-07-2007, 07:36 AM
Good luck in your quest, shon. I am not sure if it will help your set up, but all I know is that iceLink makes differenct adaptors where you can have your iPod, CD changer and I think additional AUX input too. Check their site: www.dension.com

06-07-2007, 08:50 AM
I'm sure Tom will be along to answer you questions more fully but here's my attempt.

The DICE replaces the CD Changer, which means it would also replace the Blitzsafe addaptor, so there is no question of it emulating cartridges etc.

Both the DICE and HD DICE have Aux in capability, so just going for a regular DICE would solve your problem.

The HD DICE does not require the factory Sat Nav system, neither does the regular DICE.