: upgrade ideas - 330xi

06-27-2007, 10:34 AM
I posted this in the e46 forum without much help so maybe the thread would be better off here!

Hey guys. Just purchased my first BMW... a 2003 CPO with only 27k miles. Think I got a good deal on it. It is my first stick car so I need a little practice driving it but I can tell already that I am going to love this vehicle.

The only thing that really bothers me about the car is that the HK sound system sucks. The Bose system in my 2001 maxima was way better. I know this has been discussed elsewhere but I wanted to see if anyone get positive results from what I am thinking about doing.

I want Navigation - so I want to pick up one of the Kenwood DVD/Nav units to replace the stock head unit. I love my bass so I was going to add a 12" woofer in the trunk. I don't think the stock speakers are actually that bad - I tested them the other day with the bass turned almost entirely off and the clarity of the mids and highs was good. Has anyone upgraded their system in this way? The new HU would have plently of equalizer options to adjust the sound so I would hope to be able to blend in the stock system and aftermarket sub flawlessly. Hopefully one of you has already thought of this and can let me know how it turned out!