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: E65 7 Series Stereo/Video Mods and Factory Amp Location

07-03-2007, 10:25 AM
Okay done a few mods to this 2002 750i. Front bumper facelift, 22 inch Davinci's and custom audio and video system. Most shops won't touch this car. I still think there are mods to be had. I've searched high and low on the net. Now there is one thing left important to me....

I've added the RGB Video interface to the factory 8.8 inch screen, backup camera and added 2 headrest monitors. Finished the direct aux input mod to the factory tuner section. Changed both sets of factory speakers to Morel Hybrid Ovation 4s (good improvement)

Then I installed a JL Audio 500/1 amplifier pumping 2 12inch JL Audio 12W3s in a custom box. The box was mounted under the rear deck to still access the spare tire.

Now since we added 12 inch subs and the new Morels, the rear speakers seem to drown out the front speakers more than desired. Now, I want to add a JL Audio 300/4 amplifier for the front and rear speakers for better sound quality and volume.

In the rear left quarter panel I previously found the factory 2 channel subwoofer amp. Now I am looking for the full range amplifier and can't find it there at all. Most BMW speaker wires are spun and easily found. There is nothing in the trunk. There is a MOST module near factory sub amplifier with very few wires to it. A couple of coaxial connectors, fiber optics plug, and a larger square analog plug. There seems to be 2 larger grey cables running in that plug that have 3 wires each. I think this may be a low level signal input from the ASK module but there doesn't seem to be any speaker wire running out of it. This module seems to be one of the I-Drive's main units. Don't have the balls to mess with module yet.

Is there any way the speaker's amplified source is in the ASK cd player module in the dash ? I know there is signal coming out of there. If so how remove the single cd player (with main vol knob) out of the dash ? This isn't the Logic 7 system. I could easily add an Audio Control LC7i and get the signals from each speaker. Then run it into the 300/4 and back to the speakers. I just want to understand what and where is powering the speakers !!!

Can someone shed some light on this matter ? Seems like my last straw is here.. :o)))

Thanks man,