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: Terrestrial Radio is Dead: Sirius soooo Rocks

07-18-2007, 05:03 PM
I bought an aftermarket Sirius Sportster 4 radio and car kit from Amazon, and signed up for an annual Sirius service last month:


I can honestly say that I have not listened to any local radio stations since. :D


- Quality of the music channels: Crystal clear sound.

- Variety: Master Wingspan has programmed in the Elvis channel ( :eeps: ), while I have the following on speed buttons: CNN, Fox, BBC Radio 1, Prime Country, Boom Box, Laugh Break, 90s Alternative, Spirit. Good selection and good quality of cuts.

- Instant Weather and Traffic for Orlando/Tampa area at the touch of a button

- An included Sirius internet signon and ability to listen on my account on any internet client (I listen at work through the net)

- The radio has no problem working after a day baking in the Florida heat. My car must be at least 130F inside when I get in, the radio has sat in that all day, and comes on (at least so far) with no drama.

- The display is clear, back-lit, and easy to read (i.e. large) either day or night.


- Tinny, "down a well" sound of the "talk" channels - this sounds, well, wierd, but ok. I gather its to do with the companding of the audio for these "low fi" channels. I understand why (saves bandwidth, I used to know a little about communication theory :D ) but a little odd sounding.

- Poor ability to account for brief periods of overhead obstruction. Not sure if this is due to the antenna placement I have, or what. I would have thought a 40-60s memory buffer and resync would have been in order. It cuts out when I drive through the security gate at work, for goodness sake. Meh.

- Would liked a "rating" setting - the first time we skimmed through "Blue Collar Comedy", listening as a family, there was some innappropriate language. I would have liked to have known a channel "rating", somewhat like the movies before hand, and/or the ability to block certain channels...

- "Commercial free" on the talk channels does not exactly mean it; when CNN takes a staion break you get a Sirius commercial feed while its on.

I have the antenna magnetically mounted in the car, under my OEM rear sunshade. It seems to pick up fine. I unbolted the LATCH mounting and put a metal plate under, then just attached the antenna on to the plate. Looks ok and very unobtrusive. I ran the antenna cable behind the seat back, under the seat base, then through some cut flex tubing and to the main unit.

I screwed the car kit unit to an aftermarket E46 mounting plate, I had put in for my iPod, it looks ok to me. The radio then goes onto the car kit unit with a locking latch. I leave it in the car all the time, but I suppose if I parked anywhere dodgy I'd take it out, but Winter Springs is pretty tame.

I did have an initial issue with the Aux input "dropping" off, so I cured that by adding a $17.99 in-line noise isolator unit with 3.5mm M/F jacks from Crutchfield:


Since I added this, the Aux input has not "dropped" out once.

If you are thinking about getting Sirius (or XM) I heartily recommend satellite radio.

As Damon Wayans might have said, two snaps way way up!

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07-18-2007, 05:31 PM
dude... welcome to last year....:D:stickpoke